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9985Audio Books: Read or Listen?

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  • Jane Bigelow
    Aug 15, 2003

      Personally, I speak of listening to an audio book rather than reading. I
      don't know whether there's an accepted convention on this; it simply seems
      more accurate. It's interesting to listen to a book that I've already read
      (I've seldom listened first, then read) because I find I notice different
      things. If there's a good reader (I love Davina Porter) the rhythm of the
      prose comes through more clearly for me than when I'm reading.

      One of the few times I listened then read was with one of Lois McMaster
      Bujold's Vorkosigan novels, Barrayar I think. Carol Cowan and Michael
      Hanson read these. I wish audio book companies could be persuaded not to
      have adult men reading young boys' lines--the vocal quality is completely
      wrong and very distracting. I gave up & waited until I had some reading time.

      The lighter-weight fiction audiobooks are great for getting through long
      drives and large amounts of housework.

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