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9891Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 1320 [criticism]

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  • Joe R. Christopher
    Aug 2, 2003
      Janet wrote:

      >I think it would be great. David Bratman started a discussion earlier this
      >year by listing the qualities he looked for in a MFA nominee for
      >scholarship, and putting this together with the numinosity meter, the
      >turgometer, and a few comments from The Revenge of the Dwems might give us a
      >statement of critical philosophy useful for judging the awards, if nothing
      >else. Heck, we could start our own critical school of
      >Janet Croft
      Janet, if you wanted to put together a beginning statement, I think Ellie
      might be interested for _Mythprint_. Check with her. I like the idea of
      something fairly permanent, in print form. --Joe