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9889Re: [mythsoc] Mythcon Sites

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2003
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      In a message dated 8/1/2003 7:37:34 PM Central Daylight Time,
      bernip@... writes:

      > I'm not much of a drinker myself, but I know some
      > people enjoy having beer or wine in the evening.

      We've had "dry" Mythcons before - I think of Pepperdine - and many others
      where wine was only served at the Banquet. And several folks went to watering
      holes a few blocks off the campus (not possible at Pepperdine, I seem to

      Perhaps I should clarify for those who were not there - =we= made no rule as
      to children, but Scarritt-Bennett's rules stated that children under 16 (not
      13) should be with a parent at all times.

      I found three children disobeying this rule by vigorously marching in a line
      across the campus, one of them playing an ocarina. I did not see anyone
      hastening to arrest them, and in fact I joyfully joined the procession myself since
      I was going in the same direction. I think the ocarina-player was not
      subject to S-B rules anyway, as belonging iirc to Greg Feeley who was not staying at
      the Center.

      Diamond Proudbrook

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