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9887Re: [mythsoc] Mythcon Sites

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  • Berni Phillips
    Aug 1, 2003
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      From: <Stolzi@...>

      > Someone mentioned to me just recently that they were going to a conference
      > seminar at Sewanee (probably at the campus of the University of the South
      > there, atop a mountain in southeastern Tennessee).
      > Now THERE's a thought. It's a very beautiful campus, with luck it would
      > cooler than lower altitudes, and the Atlanta and Chattanooga people could
      > it, I am sure to great effect. And it wd be nice and close for the
      Alabama, TN
      > and North or South Carolina folks.

      Well, the Scarritt-Bennett site was lovely and all the buildings were
      air-conditioned, which hasn't always been the case at previous Mythcons.
      It's too bad that a couple of the rules didn't sit well with everyone. I
      can understand the great need for a blanket rule for all who are under 13 to
      be attended by an adult, but I can also understand our 12-year-olds not
      coming because of it. I'm not much of a drinker myself, but I know some
      people enjoy having beer or wine in the evening. It was still a great

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