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9881Re: [mythsoc] Mythcon Sites

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  • David S. Bratman
    Aug 1, 2003
      At 01:19 PM 8/1/2003 , Stolzi wrote:
      >Someone mentioned to me just recently that they were going to a conference or
      >seminar at Sewanee (probably at the campus of the University of the South
      >there, atop a mountain in southeastern Tennessee).

      "Con on a mountaintop in Tennessee ..." Oh please, don't make me sing a
      variant of the Davy Crockett theme. Please.

      >Now THERE's a thought. It's a very beautiful campus, with luck it would be
      >cooler than lower altitudes,

      It certainly worked in Hawaii. We were getting kind of hot and
      uncomfortable down there in Hilo pre-con, and found the cool non-humid
      weather up at Kilauea to be delightfully refreshing.

      - David Bratman
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