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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Stolzi@... wrote:
      > My pastor, who was sorry to miss the Mythcon, says he has a priestly
      > colleague whose son has written a fantasy story. Likely a full-length book ms; I'm
      > unclear on this. He (the colleague) wants to know of a literary agent, or other
      > way of getting this story out there.
      > Any suggestions? They would be much appreciated.

      I have to tell you, it's really, really tough to get agents interested
      in manuscripts nowadays. This isn't just my experience, it is the
      experience of other writers (some with more credits than I have) that I
      have talked to.

      I've been trying to get my fantasy manuscript, Sword of Queens,
      published for years. I actually got an agent and she sent it around to
      publishers. ("Nice work, not for us" was the usual approximate
      response.) In fact, though this agent sent it around in 1999, I JUST
      heard from one publisher last month (even though that agent and I have
      parted). Right now I'm trying to get an agent interested in another
      fantasy manuscript of mine, but so far, I've had no success.

      One can get lists of agents and publishers from Literary Marketplace
      (found in almost every library) and send the manuscript around (or send
      a query). That's not the hard part. The hard part is finding someone who
      will be willing to read and represent a manuscript.

      In my quest for agents, I just happen to have made a set of mailing
      labels with the names and addresses of agents who represent f/sf. If you
      e-mail me privately, I can certainly forward this list to you to pass
      along. But when you do, I recommend adding that it isn't easy to find
      someone interested, even if one has previous publishing credits.

      Joan Marie Verba
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