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9868RE: [mythsoc] More Mythcon Pictures

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  • David S. Bratman
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Bound galleys of the book do exist - I have one - so the libraries might
      have received and cataloged those. Or, it could be a CIP
      (cataloging-in-publication) record [though apparently not in this case]).
      Or, a pre-order record that was never filled. (RLIN, the other main
      library system, sometimes lists those.) Or just an accidental ghost
      record. Or more than one of the above. The library databases are not
      entirely reliable as to whether a book exists, still less as to whether it
      was published - ghost CIP records of books that were never published,
      especially from the infamous late Borgo Press, are all over the place.

      - David Bratman

      At 09:24 AM 8/1/2003 , Janet wrote:
      >I thought that was published? "The 12 Rings of Leadership" by Joe Tye,
      >listed on WorldCat as owned by 3 libraries.
      >Janet Croft
      >What really stretched Tolkien to make him fit a framework
      >was the abortive attempt at a "Leadership secrets of LOTR" book, which
      >fortunately was never published.
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