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9811Re: [mythsoc] A Greeting from Anne

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Jul 18 4:03 PM
      The discussion of the icon images available made it sound like they were
      from some particular political perspective. In fact, the people in the
      are all over the place. Some are clearly standard saints, but there's also
      Einstein, John Donne, Bach, etc. It sounds more like they're saying, "Hey,
      you want to consider this person a saint, that's fine with us. Just so we
      make some money on it." >>

      Oh, Wendell!

      How about three cheers for the so-called free market? I am sure that some
      of you can overwhelm me with reasons that it is NOT a free market! Still,
      I am glad for those "icons" which do appeal to me. There are so many
      available everywhere which don't! So many "Christian" or "religious" or
      "spiritual" bookstores give me the heebie-jeebies with their various
      attitudes. Sometimes I don't agree with the subjects that Bridge Building
      has chosen to "elevate".... so then I don't buy that icon. But for the
      ones I do like, I am happy to have the opportunity to buy them. In fact, I
      wish I could buy them more often. They can make handy post cards and
      things to put on the refrigerator and tape onto one's writing journal as
      interesting jumping-off points.

      Is there one of Taliesin?

      We decry the idiocy on TV and all around us. But it is all supported by
      dollars spent. If people didn't buy garbage it wouldn't succeed. We do it
      to ourselves. Bridge Building has some nice advent calendars. I prefer
      theirs to the Teddy Bears and cartoon whatnots that I see at CVS.

      Hey I better be careful or I'll turn into a crank myself....

      Meanwhile maybe it's time to order more of my favorite cards.. if htey are
      still available...

      Although I was going to take a shopping spree at Victoria's Secret sales

      Lizzie Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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