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9804RE: [mythsoc] A Greeting from Anne

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  • Jay Hershberger
    Jul 17, 2003
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      > I liked their Katherine Tekakwitha (I think that was theirs) but in
      > we Orthodox Christians don't care to see our icon tradition used in this

      > I suggest that the attempt in the text to depict Tolkien as
      > was part of their general leftish stance.

      > Diamond Proudbrook

      JH: Interesting points. Perhaps there was no intent to denigrate or
      trivialize the Orthodox icon tradition, though I can easily understand why
      you might find it troubling.

      I wonder if you might elaborate on the "leftish" comment above. I am
      curious...it did not strike me that way, but my reading may be deficient.

      BTW, allow me to introduce myself. I teach piano at Concordia College,
      Moorhead, MN, and I and my whole family are Tolkien- and Lewis-philes.


      Jay Hershberger

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