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9771RE: [mythsoc] Clueless Reader

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  • Jack
    Jul 8, 2003
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      >So.... so someone doesn't like a book and sends a nasty email. Rude and
      >pointless as it may be, how is it all that unusual? Stuff like that turns
      >up in periodical readers' mail all the time. The opinions sound pretty
      >well within the scope of normal, if extreme. What is the important point
      >that I am missing here that separates this particular piece of nasty online
      >powertripping from any other? Or are such nastygrams really rare and I am
      >just a cynical NYer?

      Not at all uncommon. At Green Man, we did a negative review of Clement
      Davies' The Sight novel. The reviewer
      has gotten dozens of emails complaining about how unfair the review is. And
      right now, I have in my inbox, an email
      from a well-known Irish music reviewer complaining that we gavea favorable
      review of a book that he didn't like!

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