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9768RE: [mythsoc] Clueless Reader

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Jul 7, 2003
      So.... so someone doesn't like a book and sends a nasty email. Rude and
      pointless as it may be, how is it all that unusual? Stuff like that turns
      up in periodical readers' mail all the time. The opinions sound pretty
      well within the scope of normal, if extreme. What is the important point
      that I am missing here that separates this particular piece of nasty online
      powertripping from any other? Or are such nastygrams really rare and I am
      just a cynical NYer?

      btw my sympathies to Ms. Yolen and any other initial recipients. Getting
      these things is like getting kicked in the chest. Petty as they are and
      all that, they still sting.

      Ticks me off that people are so cowardly.... uh oh I feel a rant coming

      Lizzie Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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