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9754fantasy, change in genre

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  • Jane Bigelow
    Jul 2, 2003

      Yes, your suggestions are helpful, as are all the others! I know about the
      ALA lists--I'm a librarian myself, in fact--but I I wanted to ask the
      mythies. I knew I'd get good, individual replies and comments.

      You also wrote:
      Also, don't forget other genres. When things are all looking a bit stale
      to me, I whip out a frivolous western. For sheer action adventure where
      the good guys always wear white hats I look to Louis L'Amour, or I try some
      mystery with Agatha Christie.

      Oh, yes. I never could get into Westerns myself, but mysteries are some of
      my favorite escape reading. Do you read Tony Hillerman? Since I've been
      writing fantasy, I seldom quite relax when I'm reading it; my mind is
      either editing or trying to figure out how the author did something. So
      far, all my friend Rebecca's son has asked for is "more like that", but of
      course that could change at any time.

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