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  • Bill
    Jun 1, 2003
      As I recall (and I may be wrong) the rumor was Ron Goulart
      ghost wrote the books.

      darancgrissom@... wrote:

      > William Shatner started out in the very early 1990's writting a
      > really bad
      > series called Tek War. I read most of it because I didn't really know
      > what
      > was good or bad in science fiction at the time. Any way, for most of
      > that
      > series he cowrote with someone. I don't remember who though. He now
      > writes
      > mostly on his own, though from what I've heard there is exstensive
      > editing.
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      > From: Lisa Deutsch Harrigan [mailto:lisa@...]
      > Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 1:51 PM
      > To: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [mythsoc] That LotR Musical
      > Lizzie -
      > Searching under Nimoy was how I found it at Amazon (a process that
      > is
      > actually entertaining). I also did a search under Shatner just to
      > see
      > what he is up to these days. He "writes" SF. Not sure how much is
      > him
      > and how much is ghost writer. I have heard that he can dream up
      > interesting ideas, so he is involved. Not sure I want his reading
      > style
      > in a Audio Book however :-) .
      > Mythically yours,
      > Lisa

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