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9129Re: [mythsoc] Pagan vs Christian myths

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    May 1, 2003
      In a message dated 5/1/2003 5:45:31 PM Central Daylight Time,
      jamcconney@... writes:

      > Aha! Another Sayers quote--this one from _The Mind of the Maker_--though,
      > as
      > someone pointed out for the first, she may again be quoting someone else.

      Thanks for that clarification.

      I don't own a copy of THE MIND OF THE MAKER any more, so had no idea of the
      source of these remarks that were stuck in my head.

      (I have a friend who considers me a fount of knowledge; not so, I'm just a
      fount of clever remarks, couplets, and the like which tend to get stuck in my
      head. I wish I WERE a fount of knowledge... which brings us, I guess, to

      "Now am I a tin whistle
      Through which God blows;
      And I wish I were a trumpet -
      But why, God only knows."

      - source disremembered. Maybe J.C. Squire.

      Diamond Proudbrook

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