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907Re: Elsie Dinsmore ?

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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    Dec 7, 1999
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      I am rather aghast at Christian homeschoolers of today exposing their
      children to Elsie Dinsmore's Mammy Chloe, who wears a spotless turban (of
      course) and is given to remarks like "Bress de Lawd, Ah knows Jesus loves
      =me=, too, jes' the same as if Ah wuz white." Mammy Chloe can't even pore
      over the Bible herself - Elsie has to read it to her.

      I suppose the Girl of the Limberlost needed money for suitable clothes and
      also transportation - didn't she live a long way from the high school? And I
      think maybe in the old days you had to buy your textbooks even if the
      education was free.

      We were given ours, but had to turn 'em in at the end of the year, so some
      got more battered books than others. We were also given, and required to
      use, a set of fold-and-stick brown paper book covers printed up by the State;
      I find that graven in my memory forever is the lead motto (for State Parks, I
      guess) "Education and Recreation in the School of the Great Outdoors."

      Never thought 'til now of the irony of reading this over and over as we sat
      firmly imprisoned in the School of =Indoors=.

      Mary S
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