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903Re: Elsie Dinsmore ?

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  • Berni Phillips
    Dec 6, 1999
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      Stolzi@... wrote:

      > I hope David's not putting FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS in the same bag. It has
      > spunky children with some interesting obstacles to overcome.
      > I owned the first book as a child and read it with great interest, being an
      > only child myself and not having any intimate acquaintance with the kind of
      > hardscrabble poverty described in FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS. Also I was too young
      > to get a lot of the period references, and indeed, I am still mystified as to
      > why an "old boot top" should be one of Davy Pepper's prize possessions, how
      > cut-up leather could be used to mend a stove, or why, in a New England state
      > (Massachusetts, if I recall) where public education was perhaps more
      > prevalent than anywhere else in the country (and all praise to New England
      > for that), Mrs. Pepper keeps moaning on about not having any money for her
      > children to go to school.
      > Mary S

      Indeed. (I also read a couple of the Pepper books.) What mystified me
      about money and school was _Girl of the Limberlost_ and trying to raise
      money to go to high school! Her mother, who was poor, considered it a

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