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901Re: Elsie Dinsmore ?

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  • Berni Phillips
    Dec 6, 1999
      ERATRIANO@... wrote: [re Elsie]

      > It had occurred to me, despite my difficulties with the book, that since the
      > characterization seems good, it might appeal to someone if it hooked them
      > right. I just can't deal with the constantly-beaten-on-poor-little-girl
      > thing, which come to think of it is probably just as much "period" as
      > "religious," perhaps even more so... I am struggling on determinedly during
      > my little snips of reading time. So does it get better?

      I haven't read it in 30 years. I honestly can't remember how it ends.
      I just remember her earnest attempts at perfection, her uncle being
      younger than her, and things like trying to write with the old-style
      pens without making any blots to spoil her pages. It's more the
      atmosphere I remember. I can't recall the plot at all.

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