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8909Re: [mythsoc] two questions about Tom Bombadil and Tree & Leaf

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  • David S Bratman
    Apr 16, 2003
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      Vincent wrote,

      >1) we are now revising the translation of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil,
      >and I am wondering about the name of a Hobbit : Mrs. Bunce (in Perry the
      >Winkle). according to Foster's Guide (58), this name is to be found in LoR
      >too... but the index is of no help. Does anyone know where I could find the
      >precise page of this occurrence ?

      Foster gives page references, but all but the latest editions of Foster
      refer only to the Ballantine paperback, which perhaps you do not
      have. Anyway, a Mimosa Bunce appears in the Baggins family tree in
      Appendix C. She married a great-uncle of Bilbo's named Ponto, and became
      an ancestress of Merry and Pippin. That's the only appearance of "Bunce"
      in LOTR.

      >2) in Christopher Tolkien's preface to Tree and Leaf, he mentions "seven
      >versions" of "Mythopoeia" ; among them, "the first four texts begin 'He
      >looks at trees' [...] (and the title of the earliest was 'Nisomythos : a
      >long answer to a short nonsense')."
      >does it mean that only 1 version bears that title ? I think that it is the
      >right choice, but I'd rather not make a mistake

      That's what it seems to me to say too.

      David Bratman
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