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8906Re: [mythsoc] RotK Theory

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  • David S. Bratman
    Apr 16, 2003
      At 04:17 PM 4/16/2003 , Susan wrote:

      >Furthurmore, Shyamalan's characters seem just dopey. What kind of father
      >needs a mysterious message from beyond the grave to know that if his kid's
      >in danger, he should grab the nearest handy object and whale away at the bad

      And what kind of father needs his brother to be a minor-league baseball
      power-hitting champ in order to wield that handy object? And why does the
      brother wield it so slowly, in the event?

      >Good stories about God don't require people to be stupid.

      Yes, and the absence of stupidity doesn't need to be signalled by "quoting
      the Fathers in the original Greek or suddenly crying out that they have
      come to understand the answer to the question of free will vs. predestination."

      >And I am SO tired of stories where the Bad Creepy Alien Things are
      >vanguished by water. It's been DONE, guys. Have you SEEN the Wizard of Oz?
      > Please: come up with something, anything, different. Make the secret
      >weapon Velveeta cheese or potato chips

      Those would vanquish me.

      >or fertilizer or . . . or . . . radiation from cell phones. Please!

      Now that's creepy.

      At 04:21 PM 4/16/2003 , Ernest wrote:

      >I have not seen this movie and it sounds not even worth the rental,

      If you can ignore all these spoilers, the opening is quite good. Shyamalan
      has great craft as a filmmaker. (Though I was kind of amused by the
      characters standing around the crop circle saying "This could not have been
      created artificially" when, in fact, the filmmakers actually did create it

      >but...aliens vanquished by water? What the %^@&?

      Yes, and not a lake of it or even a bucket, but a few glasses of water left
      on top of a TV set.

      >Why the heck are they
      >invading a planet that's seventh-tenths water, then, without some kind of
      >protective gear? What if it rains, or a lawn sprinkler comes on?

      Everyone sings "Ding Dong The Alien's Dead." No, wait, that's if a house
      falls on him. Never mind.

      - David Bratman
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