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8895Re: [mythsoc] The Curse of Chalion

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  • Joshua Kronengold
    Apr 14, 2003
      David S Bratman writes:
      >I've heard that his writing has improved since then. But by how much?

      He's still sloppy, though IMO, the Sarentine stuff is a lot -less-
      sloppy than a lot of his intermediate work. And he's doing a decent
      worldbuilding job now rather than throwing in any old thing and
      calling it fantasy. And his plotting and characters have improved a
      great deal (but that's not what people love the Fionavar tapestry

      Mostly...his post-Fionavar work has been much more of a piece than any
      of it is with the Fionavar stuff...and has been getting better as
      things went, but isn't really comperable with Fionavar -- either in
      terms of characters, theme, or worldbuilding, for the most part.

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