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  • Joshua Kronengold
    Mar 27, 2003
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      alexeik@... writes:
      >natural, even if there no longer is a monarchy. What David was alluding to, I
      >think, was the superficial tossing-about of traditional-sounding titles for
      >cheap effect, in fictional contexts where such a social system doesn't have
      >any plausible historical roots.

      Except that he's applying it to the Vorkosigan novels, where the
      social ssytem -does- have plausible historical roots (and where, in
      fact, a social revolution is occuring during the books, largely thanks
      to a single imported invention).

      > (And yes, _The Fall of the Kings_ is a fantastic book!) :-)

      It's very good. I don't, personally, like it as much as Swordspoint,
      but I certainly eargerly await other books about that suniverse from
      it's authors.

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