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  • Matthew Winslow
    Feb 22, 1999
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      Tom & Maria T [wttatham@...] wrote:
      > From: "Tom & Maria T" <wttatham@...>
      > Recently read selectively in a book of fantasy short stories published in
      > honor of a Tolkien anniversary (sorry, I can't remember the name of the
      > book, or the anniversary event), and found that a lot of the stories written
      > in his honor, by his successors, so called, weren't like his work -- only
      > one was decidedly similar and very well done.

      This sounds like After the King: Stories in Honor of JRR Tolkien. It was
      not intended to be tales *like* Tolkien, but just stories written by
      fantasists who were influenced by him.

      As to the general topic of using Tolkien's name in vain <g>, I've always
      seen it just as what it is: marketing. And like most marketing, I ignore
      it. It's just a cheap attempt to make a few sales to the gullible.

      Matthew Winslow mwinslow@... http://x-real.firinn.org/
      "Books are my passion, not only writing them and every once in a while
      even reading them but just having them and moving them around and feeling
      the comfort of their serene presence." - Fred Buechner

      Currently reading: Who Wrote Shakespeare? by John Michell
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