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876Re: Elsie Dinsmore ?

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  • ERATRIANO@xxx.xxx
    Dec 5, 1999
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      In a message dated 12/05/1999 7:11:36 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      bernip@... writes:

      << Reading &
      Eating Meeting! >>
      This sounds like something about my speed! LOLOL.

      Berni: Did you see the website for Elsie? www.elsiedinsmore.com. Pretty
      easy. Good luck if you want to get books... I think availability comes and
      goes. They are also available on tape, I think, at least some are. If I do
      get the doll ever, I will then have an extra of the 1st one. And she's kind
      of next on my list of expensive toys LOL.

      It had occurred to me, despite my difficulties with the book, that since the
      characterization seems good, it might appeal to someone if it hooked them
      right. I just can't deal with the constantly-beaten-on-poor-little-girl
      thing, which come to think of it is probably just as much "period" as
      "religious," perhaps even more so... I am struggling on determinedly during
      my little snips of reading time. So does it get better?

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