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  • Diane Baker
    Feb 22, 1999
      A comment on what seems to be the all too frequent
      > reference that a particular fantasy epic story
      > compares to J.R.R.T.'s work. Even before
      > I learned that Middle Earth was Tolkien's
      > life work or his views on Mytopoeicism, I
      > found it difficult to compare
      > stories like: "Ralph Bashki's Wizards" (or more
      > recently Terry Goodkind's Wizards series) with
      > The Hobbit or the LOTR, or Silmarillion, or
      > Lost Stories, or...
      > I'm interested in knowing if others feel the
      > same way. bill pierce

      I began cringing years ago when JRRT's name was invoked with reference
      to fantasy, plastered all over everything from soup to nuts. I pay no
      attention to blurbs unless Madeline L'Engle's name is attatched, and I
      don't think she gives her name out to just any author; I trust that
      she's actually read the book and has enjoyed it as much as she says she
      does. Most especially, one can't compare a movie to a boook: these are
      two entirely different artistic media with extremely varied

      As for Terry Goodkind, he's not in Tolkien's league (is anybody?), but
      he's not as bad as Jordan, who needed ten chapters (loooonngg ones) to
      get his characters out on the quest. On the other hand, Martin (George
      RR), even though he's going to have *four more books* in the Song of Ice
      and Fire series after *Clash of Kings*. Yes: that does disturb me.
      Still, I trust him to be much better than either Jordan or Goodkind.
      Still, I wouldn't say he's doing what Tolkien did. You need lots of
      space to re-do the War of the Roses. He's made up his own world, but the
      specifics in it are much more generic than Tolkien's creation. Still, he
      can be very rich, even with generics: cloaks of sable "thick, black,
      and soft as sin."

      I just got my copy of *Clash* at an autograph signing, where I spoke to
      Martin personally. (Also got *Fevre Dream* and *Game* autographed.
      Nice man, Martin.)

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