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8566RE: Branagh cast and miscast (was Re: [mythsoc] The Two Towers)

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Mar 3, 2003
      But _perfect_ as a vain, boastful, and utterly incompetent wizard in _Harry
      Potter and the Chamber of Secrets_, of course :] I loved his small role;
      they couldn't have gotten anyone better, anyone that better conveyed that
      aura of youthful pride and glamour faded by age and easy living. >>

      The boys saw that one w/o me. Now I will have to watch for this bit of
      perfect casting when I see is, as I know we'll get the tape eventually.
      (The bits I saw of Two Towers do make me want to see it just for the
      casting bits ditto. I like Theoden's look.) Meanwhile, I do like that guy
      they got to play Snape in the first movie, anyway. Brrrr he gives me the
      curiouses, although he's not as hot as that flying ant in ANTZ. I'm sure
      the actor is nothing like the character he is playing, and I didn't like
      his version of Snape initially (not slimy, just as Hermione is not frizzy,
      but the Brits with their soft water know little of real frizzies w/o help
      from destructive hair products, which Hermione is too young and granola to
      use)... anyway who is the Snape guy?

      Lizzie Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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