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8514Re: [mythsoc] Re: Seattle stinks

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  • Ernest Tomlinson
    Mar 1, 2003
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      > I lived in San Francisco a number of years before the earthquake and
      > avoided the waterfront as it was dank and ugly. Now I enjoy driving
      > along the Embarcadero, now a boulevard, which is sunny and shows off the
      > old wharfs, water, and views wonderfully. I wouldn't mind living in that
      > area of the city.

      The trouble is, you can't, unless you're filthy rich. And that is whom the
      destruction of the Alaskan Way Viaduct will benefit--the filthy rich. Not
      being filthy rich, the Viaduct is for me the only good alternative to
      ploughing through downtown traffic on my way from Ballard or Fremont to the
      South. Also, there's no better view of Seattle to be had than from the
      northbound deck of the Viaduct. Yes, the Viaduct is old and liable to
      earthquake damage, but why not simply _repair_ it? That must be cheaper
      than the ludicrous notion of wrecking it and replacing it with a tunnel
      _under_ Alaskan Way, a notion that puts the lie to all of the developers'
      fits over the Viaduct's unsafety: it's all fill under Alaskan Way, and a
      tunnel through it isn't going to be any more earthquake-safe than the top of
      the Viaduct.

      No, the only people who really care about pulling down the Viaduct are
      wealthy developers slavering to get their hands on the last bit of
      waterfront land in Seattle. They talk a line about "revitalizing the
      waterfront"--as if people like me are going to be able to afford even to
      shop there! This boondoggle going to cost billions, disrupt downtown
      traffic for years, and result in just another downtown tourist trap to be
      got through on the way to something actually worth seeing or doing in

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