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8483RE: [mythsoc] re: not finishing

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  • Jason M. Abels
    Feb 28, 2003
      > You don't live anywhere near Seattle, do you? I can swiftly add a couple of
      > hundred books to your collection; my friend Dale and I, in moving, purged
      > our libraries drastically. I got rid of all my fantasy and SF except for
      > the Tolkien, the Lewis, the LeGuin, two books by Brust, and a few other
      > oddments. (My tastes are changing, I guess.) Dale kept more of his,
      > largely though because many of his books are "book club" editions and
      > essentially unsalable. So far we've had little luck in getting any used
      > bookshops to take the bulk of them, even for free; Dale has managed to get a
      > few hundred dollars for some of his books, mostly large hardbacks on
      > nonfiction subjects.

      Sorry. I do love your city. The only other place in the world I'd want to live
      besides home. I've been out there a few times to see the band Pearl Jam (last in
      December 2002).

      Any books I don't like get dropped off at the local library. Has the library
      been approached? Try school libraries, especially the poorer ones. They're
      always on the lookout for books. (if appropriate, of course)

      Jason M. Abels
      "The world is coming down around our ears and you're sticking at a few
      vampires!" - Ben Mears, _Salem's Lot_
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