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8480RE: [mythsoc] re: not finishing

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  • Jason M. Abels
    Feb 28, 2003
      > Ok, confession time. Go to greemmanreview.com and you'll see that I write
      > reviews. It's
      > far too easy to accumalte books when they are free! And we do geta lot of
      > mythlore
      > for review, i.e. Bradley Birzer's J.RR. Tolkein's Santifying Myth --
      > Understanding Middle-earth, came in recently for review.

      Oh, so what you're saying is that your collection is full of really *bad* books
      (Like I can only imagine this one is). ;)

      Jason M. Abels
      "The world is coming down around our ears and you're sticking at a few
      vampires!" - Ben Mears, _Salem's Lot_
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