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  • David Lenander
    Nov 17, 1999
      Our local fantasy discussion group will be discussing _The Wild Swans_ with the
      author, Peg Kerr, this Saturday. If anyone on this list is in the twin cities
      (Minnesota) area and would like to join us, please do. Full info at

      Incidentally, The Mythopoeic Society has other similar discussion groups around the
      country, and many of their meetings are listed on the Activity Calendar, which I've
      maintained at http://umn.edu/~d-lena/mar96.html since March of '96.

      For example, also upcoming in November are these meetings

      November 19: _Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone_ by J. K. Rowling; in
      Washington, D.C.
      November 21, 2:30 p.m. _Like Water for Chocolate_ by Laura Esquivel, In Los Angeles,
      November 21: _The Great Divorce_ by C.S. Lewis, in Salem, OR.
      November 21 -- TOLKIEN, FAERIE, AND REALITY Prof. Verlyn Flieger has given us
      permission to read her paper (not yet published) on "Fantasy and Reality: Tolkien's
      World and the Fairy Stories Essay." in Madison, WI.

      --David Lenander, d-lena@...