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  • Jason M. Abels
    Feb 28, 2003
      > Really! The opposite has happened to me. When I was in college, I had all
      > kinds of free time in which to read. If one class ended at 11:50 and the
      > next didn't start until 1:30, I'd find a comfortable seat and read.

      Hahaha! tee hehe!. My classes were usually at night, though in the end I did
      take some classes during the day during an "extended" lunch break. If I had an
      hour to kill, it was done doing homework, or more rarely, sleeping.

      Still, I managed read a good deal, but not as much as I liked.

      > I can kinda sort of read _during_ work, using my little Sony PDA. I'll
      > quickly scan a line of an "electronic book" in between claims. But not very
      > many books are available cheaply in such a machine-readable format.

      You'd be surprised what you'd find on Kazaa. Despite what the RIAA would have me
      believe, I have no qualms about downloading pre-typed versions of books I
      already own. The opportunity doesn't arise, because I don't own a PDA. It makes
      for easy research, though, especially when I'm at work and my only link through
      home is a remote computer connection.

      Jason M. Abels
      "The world is coming down around our ears and you're sticking at a few
      vampires!" - Ben Mears, _Salem's Lot_
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