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    Feb 28, 2003
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      "Or, with our cat, you could cut out the middle man. One of his favorite
      pastimes is shredding paper with his teeth. So if any of you need a book
      or two destroyed, I'm sure he'd be glad to help." ;)

      I used to have a parakeet like that. I went away for a weekend and had a pile of what once had been "War and Peace." Because of that I haven't had to read it again. I miss that bird.

      I have managed to read more by reading while stupid people are talking to me. My boss, the guy at the H&R block (I do my own taxes but my parents insist that I take theirs to a professional?), I also never drive if I'm going somewhere with someone else, I sit and read. BY doing this I have managed to read about 50% of what I want to read that's coming out. Alas for things I want to read that aren't new. I just got around to starting the collcted works of George MacDonald.

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