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847Re: Where can I find Tolkien's Elvish language? (fwd)

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  • David Lenander
    Nov 17, 1999
      I'd just add that there are back issues available of _Parma Eldalamberon_; there
      is also a book available from Nancy Martsch, isn't there? And there are several
      other publications for which back issues may be available, including _Vinyar
      Tengwar_, and perhaps that one from Lisa Star, and a British publication as
      well. But all of this should be on Carl's web-page, so I thought the whole
      question being directed to Edith was rather bizarre. And I would hope they've
      read all of the appendices to LotR, the twelve volumes of "The History of
      Middle-earth," and the Swann/Tolkien _Road Goes Ever On_.

      WendellWag@... wrote:

      > From: WendellWag@...
      > There are some books about Elvish, but they're all out of print, hard to
      > find, or not very reliable. The best thing to do is to E-mail Carl Hostetter
      > (they have his address since they found the ELF site) and ask him their
      > questions. He should be able to give them a set of rules for pronouncing
      > Elvish words. Carl knows more about Elvish than anyone else, including
      > Christopher Tolkien.
      > Wendell Wagner
      > > The Mythopoeic Society website http://www.mythsoc.org
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