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  • Jane Bigelow
    Feb 28, 2003
      Fellow readers,

      Why should any of us feel obliged to finish a book, unless it contains
      information that we need in order to meet some other obligation? I've
      occasionally been embarassed when a friend recommended something that I
      simply couldn't finish; it's hard to find a polite alternative to telling
      someone that the book they loved makes you want to take the shredder to it
      and give the results to the cat.

      That's a different problem, though. Does anyone on this list have time
      enough to read all the books, short stories and so on that he or she would
      like to read? (If so, how did you achieve this?) I'll struggle on for
      perhaps a hundred pages if the book was recommended by someone whose
      opinions I respect, or if I'm making one of my periodic attempts to broaden
      my literary horizons. After that, it becomes another example of "Life is
      too short to..."

      If I find myself thinking of housework that really should be done, that's
      it for the book unless I have company coming *soon*.

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