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8325Re: [mythsoc] Oscar Nominations

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Feb 15, 2003
      David F. Porteous wrote:

      >For those of you who haven't heard yet, LOTR:TTT has been nominated for
      >oscars in following categories:
      >Art Direction (I have no idea what this is)
      >Film Editing
      >Best Picture
      >Sound Editing
      >Visual Effects
      >You'll note no acting oscars and no nomination for Peter Jackson as
      >director -- which many on the list might feel is deserved. Strangely though
      >LOTR has not received nominations for Cinematography, Costume Design or
      >Make-Up and with the exception of Gangs of New York for cinematography I
      >don't see how any of the other nominees in these categories hold a faint
      >candle to LOTR.
      They got those nominations last year, and since the crew and quality
      hasn't changed, I wasn't surprised that they got passed up this year.
      Everyone knows that there will be a third movie, so that is when the
      nominations will get hot and heavy again. Since no one has ever had
      something that is so obviously a three part movie like this before
      (cheapy serials don't count), no one is quite sure what to do in the
      awards department. Movie One got a lot of recognition because they were
      still not 100 per cent sure two and three would come out. But I think
      the box office has spoken about that one <g>.

      And it is a Fantasy, notoriously poorly represented in the final actual
      awards of any higher level. Fantasy is not serious movie making after
      all *sigh*. Though every once in a while the Oscar crew slips up and
      lets one get through. Hopefully, Return will get nod. Since I suspect
      they will do something Next Year because the whole thing is finally out
      and can be look at as a completed artistic work (though the awards will
      usually claim to just be for the third movie).

      I'm glad Jackson and New Line went to the three movies for the three
      books, but it sure has messed up the Awards system <g>.

      Mythically yours,
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