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830Re: I'm not making this up.

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  • Diane Baker
    Oct 30, 1999
      WendellWag@... wrote:
      > From: WendellWag@...
      > O.K., the weird thing here is that I sent the "I'm not making this up"
      > message at 10/9/99 7:09:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time and it didn't reach
      > people (including me) till 10/30/99 6:59:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time. I
      > assumed at the time that nobody had any comments on it (and I ignored the
      > fact that I hadn't got it either). I looked at the archives and it's stored
      > there as being sent on October 9th.

      Hmm. Is there a black hole on the Internet? Never thought it would
      take 20 days to get a message; that's worse than the Post Offal.

      > Foster graduated summa cum laude with a major in French (or maybe it was a dual
      > major in French and English). I remember reading once that at one low point
      > in her acting career (before she won two Oscars) Foster considered giving up
      > acting and going to Cornell to get a Ph.D. in comparative literature.

      Jodie Foster would be an interesting person to talk to concerning
      She came across as having a real intellect in *Silence of the Lambs* and
      *Contact,* my two favorite Foster films. Wonder if she's read any of
      the Great Three? Helen Mirren is someone else I'd love to talk lit
      with; she can play any woman. ---djb.
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