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8296Re: [mythsoc] Jackson comments, again

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Feb 5, 2003
      Wendell wrote:

      >A problem with the column from the Syracuse newspaper with Wayne's comments
      >on the films just occurred to me: Where does this columnist Sean Kirst get
      >off with passing off what's actually a letter from Wayne as one of his
      >columns? Did this guy actually turn this in as his column for the week and
      >get paid for it? (Note that it's his picture by the column, not Wayne's.)
      >Wayne, if I were you, I would write this guy and demand he send you whatever
      >he got paid this week, since you wrote the column for him.

      When my comments were published in the Post-Standard newspaper, before they
      went on the web, they were only a sidebar to the main article "New 'War of
      the Ring' Rages". So Kirst earned his paycheck for the latter. If he
      hadn't, I certainly would have complained!

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