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8293Re: [mythsoc] Jackson comments, again

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Feb 5, 2003
      >I reached it not by that link, which came up with a blank page, but by going
      >to the link for the paper's "14-Day Archive" and scrolling down. I captured
      >the text and Listmistress Joan may tell me whether it is legit. to post it
      >here. (It's a Letter to the Editor, anyway, not an article; I would think
      >remains Wayne's property and that he wouldn't mind, but I don't know)

      I don't know either: some letters sent to newspapers become the property of
      the paper, but mine was a letter to a reporter in lieu of a telephone
      interview, not a proper letter to the editor; at the same time, it's an
      article, but wasn't written as one (the reporter made it so, to my
      surprise), and it has a copyright notice by the Post-Standard. In any case,
      it's easy enough to read the piece on site, just go from the link at
      http://www.syracuse.com/news/poststandard/kirst/index.ssf. No subscription
      necessary. Just don't try to search for my name through the search box on
      syracuse.com, for some reason it brings up only the related general article
      about fans disagreeing about the films. The article in question disappeared
      from the site for a few hours yesterday, apparently a system glitch, but
      was restored early this morning.

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