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829Re: I'm not making this up.

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  • WendellWag@xxx.xxx
    Oct 30, 1999
      O.K., the weird thing here is that I sent the "I'm not making this up"
      message at 10/9/99 7:09:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time and it didn't reach
      people (including me) till 10/30/99 6:59:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time. I
      assumed at the time that nobody had any comments on it (and I ignored the
      fact that I hadn't got it either). I looked at the archives and it's stored
      there as being sent on October 9th.

      Shields majored in French at Princeton. Someday I would like to see an
      interview with Jodie Foster that discusses literary matters. She went to
      Yale at approximately the same time Shields was at Princeton. Foster
      graduated summa cum laude with a major in French (or maybe it was a dual
      major in French and English). I remember reading once that at one low point
      in her acting career (before she won two Oscars) Foster considered giving up
      acting and going to Cornell to get a Ph.D. in comparative literature.
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