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8276Re: [mythsoc] Ellison

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  • David S. Bratman
    Feb 3, 2003
      At 11:59 PM 2/2/2003 , Max Rible wrote:

      >> > ...Michael Swanwick...
      >Try _The Iron Dragon's Daughter_ or _Stations of the Tide_. Should
      >be available in a used bookstore for cheap.

      Some of Swanwick's short stories are clever, and he's written some
      halfway-decent fantasy criticism, but a few pages of _The Iron Dragon's
      Daughter_ sent me away determined never to return. A few people were
      trying to promote that as the next great genre-defining fantasy. It didn't
      really take that role, but if it did, count me out.

      - David Bratman
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