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  • Max Rible
    Feb 2, 2003
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      On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 22:06, Ernest Tomlinson wrote:
      > > ...Greg Bear...
      > I got halfway through _Moving Mars_, then stopped. It wasn't bad; I just
      > didn't feel like reading more. I do that too often these days, and feel
      > guilty about it every time.

      Urk; I wouldn't call _Moving Mars_ his better work. Try _Eon_ for
      hard SF (and don't expect _Eternity_ to be up to the quality of
      _Eon_), _Blood Music_ for biotech that Vernor Vinge would think
      nifty, _Songs of Earth and Power_ (aka _The Infinity Concerto_ and
      _The Serpent Mage_) for fantasy.

      > > ...Michael Swanwick...
      > Barbara Stanwyck?

      Try _The Iron Dragon's Daughter_ or _Stations of the Tide_. Should
      be available in a used bookstore for cheap.

      > > ...Dan Simmons...
      > _Endymion_ is his, right? Only sampled it in a store or something.

      _Hyperion_ is the place to start if you want to sample that universe
      of his-- _Endymion_ and _Rise of Endymion_ aren't as good as
      _Hyperion_ and _Fall of Hyperion_. If you're browsing in a bookstore,
      pick up a copy of _Prayers to Broken Stones_ and read the short story
      "Vanni Fucci is Alive and Well and Living in Hell", particularly if
      you've recently re-read _The Screwtape Letters_.

      > _Cyteen_ for example is a
      > wonderful example, and one of my favorite novels; Cherryh explains hardly
      > anything about the technology of cloning or of "taping" the personalities of
      > the clones; she explains enough to get the story going, gives us her cast of
      > characters, and sets _them_ going.

      Cherryh does a really good job of making her aliens alien; I've
      greatly enjoyed her Chanur and Foreigner universes. And the knnn
      can out-enigma the Vorlons and the Arisians together, with their
      tentacles tied in knots.

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