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8264Re: [mythsoc] Ellison

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  • Ernest S. Tomlinson
    Jan 31, 2003
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      On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 01:00:24 EST, WendellWag@... said:

      > In 1986, at another con (and, no, he didn't remember me from that talk
      > six years before), I asked him where he got the location in his story "Adrift
      > Just off the Islets of Langerhans, Latitude Something or Other, Longitude
      > Something Else."
      > Many other stories say that Ellison is a pathological liar.

      This makes an odd sense to me. If Ellison is the sort of person I think
      he is, he probably loves feeding bogus information like this, then
      laughing when people distribute it without checking it. It's a pretty
      lousy excuse to be a jackass, but hey, you've got to admit that many
      people are--I'm not going to say _stupid_, but thoughtless about passing
      around cool-sounding factoids that are actually fiction (e.g. the
      long-standing canard that Ronald Reagan was once cast as Rick in
      _Casablanca_, or that Junior Bush confided to someone once that "the
      French have no word for _entrepreneur_.") Anything to get a laugh at a

      > Christopher
      > Priest and Charles Platt have both written pamphlets about this.

      As my partner Dale would say:

      ("Christopher Priest and Charles Platt?")
      "Who?" (or maybe, "Any relation to Christopher Guest and Oliver Platt?")

      Ernest S. Tomlinson
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