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  • Edith Louise Crowe
    Oct 29 9:29 AM
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      This drew a total blank with me--the only Lila I know is Peter Beagle's
      werewolf. Anybody heard of this other mythological Lila?
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      Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 16:17:28 -0600
      From: cheryl taylor <taylorca@...>
      To: ecrowe@...

      I am looking for information on a mythological goddess of soul-play. I
      thought her name was Lila but I can't find any references. I thought she
      might be Roman (because Juno is the Roman goddess of soul) but I am unable
      to locate any mention in either Roman, Greek, Egyptian or Celtic mythology.
      Do you know of any references to a goddess of soul-play?

      Thank you in advance for your kind help.