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804Re: The Wild Swans and Harry Potter

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  • Mary Kay Kare
    Oct 20, 1999
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      Joan Marie Verba wrote:

      > From: "Joan Marie Verba" <verba001@...>
      > I just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and I must say that
      > I agree with Dave Lenander: it isn't that great. Part of it may be because
      > I read it directly after The Wild Swans, which was superb, and it suffered
      > in comparison. Even so, I don't think that the Harry Potter novel is
      > anywhere near as well-written as The Hobbit, or Wizard of Earthsea, or any
      > of a number of other works regarded as children's or young adult classics.

      I also just read and wasn't all that crazy about it. In my case, I read it
      immediately after reading Peter Beagle's new novel _Tamsin_ which I recommend
      highly to you all, so it may have suffered from that.

      One of my first reactions was, "Oh, good. Now we can also teach our boys to
      merely wait passively to be rescued from unpleasant situations as well as our
      girls.:" I am also disturbed by the underlying implication that if you are
      special you *will* get rescued and therefore, if you didn't you aren't.

      I found the writing somewhat clumsy but this is, after all, her first novel.
      Tolkien and LeGuin had had rather a lot of practice. I must admit to a mild
      curiosity as to what happens next in the books, but I'm willing to wait until
      I run across them at used book stores and libraries. I feel no compulsion to

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