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796Re: Digest Number 139

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  • Diane Baker
    Oct 8, 1999
      William C. Pierce wrote:
      > From: "William C. Pierce" <wpierce@...>
      > > Subject: Mythopoeic

      > Now a question. What sort of Mythopoeia does Steven King represent?

      Horror, as a subset of fantasy, creates a world where we yearn for
      normality to be restored and root for those who attempt to restore it;
      it is the flip side of comedy, and operates the same way. Horror can be
      a part of the Christian sensibility, and I think King shows this in
      books like *The Stand* and *Needful Things.* I don't know for a fact
      that King IS Christian, but he operates under the rubric. Dean Koontz
      does the same thing in nearly everything he does. ---djb.
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