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792Re: Mythopoeic

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  • Matthew Winslow
    Oct 7 11:02 AM
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      Maria Bouzani [mari_bou@...] wrote:
      > Well,the thing is to keep an open mind,I
      > guess!Hey,does Charles DeLint count?He doesn't exactly
      > deal with myth in most of his work,rather "urban
      > fantasy",but he's really great!

      Somewhere to Be Flying was on the short list for the Adult MFA this year and
      Trader <shudder> was on the long list in 98.

      I think de Lint is definitely mythical. He just uses the apparatus of the
      modern city to create his myth. Of course, his writing is really quite
      variable, so the jury's still out (as far as I'm concerned) as to whether he
      'counts' in relation to him being what Lisa was calling 'a gem'.

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