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771Some remarks on Moorcock

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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    Oct 3, 1999
      Some of you know my older son John, who's attended a couple of Mythcons. He
      recently was reading Michael Moorcock, and made the following comments, which
      I thought were interesting. He said I could pass this along:

      > > You know the Michael Moorcock books I've been reading. My take on them:
      > > *this* is the sort of atmosphere that the writer of the Thomas Covenant
      > > books was vainly trying to achieve.

      I said:

      > Interesting! how would you describe that atmosphere?

      John's reply:

      <<Dark, tortured, trying to look for truth but never able to get a handle on
      it, coming from a world of cruelty as assumed common place but wanting some
      kind of moral sense, murk and "unholiness" (at least in the terms of this

      I haven't read much Moorcock, but on the whole, thought this made sense.

      Mary S