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743Re: Mars Satellite lost

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  • Paul F. Labaki
    Sep 24, 1999
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      My appology to all. Apparantly I am alone in my thinking on this one.

      Paul Labaki

      >From: Berni Phillips <bernip@...>
      >To: mythsoc@onelist.com
      >Subject: Re: [mythsoc] Mars Satellite lost
      >Date: Thu, Sep 23, 1999, 2:29 PM

      > From: Berni Phillips <bernip@...>
      >> From: Stolzi@...
      >> Not much use flaming a wet dishrag :)
      >> I think Joan might rule on this, to give us guidelines for the future...
      >> there are always some who want less, and more to the point, in their e-mail,
      >> others who see a list as a place for friendship and chat.
      >> I do apologize, Paul. But you know lots of us =are= also interested in sf.
      >> Mary S
      > I was confused. I thought perhaps you were referring to the Lewis space
      > trilogy or the inspired movie, "Malacandra Attacks."
      > Berni (Don't read any further! There's an ad creeping up!)
      > > The Mythopoeic Society website http://www.mythsoc.org
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