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  • darancgrissom@sbcglobal.net
    Jan 4, 2003
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      "because the book's setting
      emphasized that the city was emptying out, and people like Dekkard's wife
      (excised from the film) watched television personalities (major elements in
      the book, non-existent in the film) to escape the loneliness."

      This seemed to me to be better handled by Ray Bradburry in "Farheniet 451" which preceeded Blade Runner.

      "after reading a Nazi's diary entry, in which he complained that the cries of
      starving children in the Polish ghettos kept the Nazis awake at night"

      This I did not know, and it adds a meaning that never occured to me before

      " In the movie, LA was
      empty; in the film crowded-- a major change, because the book's setting
      emphasized that the city was emptying out"

      I thought the crowded effect of L.A. in the movie evoked more a sense of fear in the populace. Like the last survivors of a great disaster (for that is what had happend) huddled together before the end.

      murder predicted that ISN'T a murder? The whole idea that if the perpetrator
      knows he will commit murder he can stop before the murder happens--why isn't
      this shared with the almost-killers, who can then get psychiatric help or
      something instead of imprisonment?"

      I thought this was a good commentary on predestination, and that you could change your future but that no one else can.

      "The whole feel-good ending, which the
      last half hour twists and turns to accomodate."

      Therein lies my problem with P.K.D., I have liked the ending of his stories, they are all so bleak. When one reads his collected works you can't help but get the impression that the whole world is doomed and there isn't one thing the individual can do but go down swinging. I believe all three of the movies changed the ending so that it was more "feel good."

      The main reason I said I liked the books of P.K.D. as movies is because they are changed so much. Adaption means to change in order to survive in a changing environment.

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