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7384Re: Tolkien and technology

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  • disneylogic <disneylogic@yahoo.com>
    Jan 3, 2003
      On Thu, 2 Jan 2003 21:29:56 -0000 "David F. Porteous"
      <dporteous@...> wrote in part:


      >Elves, as is the case with many of the peoples of our
      >earth, have a spiritual understanding of their world and that this
      >understanding does not derive through equations and formulae.

      A quibble, if you'll allow: Industrialization and mechanics does not
      go, necessarily or not, hand in hand with superior mathematics.
      Indeed, it is pretty much independent of it. Much of the gnostic
      tendency in early European science and, before that, in southeastern
      European religion was a combination of mathematics, mysticism, and
      Manicheanism. Having been grounded in much of it, I can't imagine
      anything closer to the spiritual than a view of our world based upon
      quantum mechanics, although many of the purely rationalist opinion
      would disagree with me on that.

      Recall the toast of the Oxford Mathematics Society:

      To Mathematics! May She be of no damn use to anybody!

      Indeed, to people familiar with it, the astounding thing about
      mathematics is that it is as useful as it is.


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