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7378Re: [mythsoc] Re: What's your problem with the movie?

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  • tghsaw
    Jan 3, 2003
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      >>But it's interesting that almost all of the material restored in
      >>the extended version is character and story development, not fight
      >>scenes that would have bumped the movie to an R as a lot of people

      >That it was PG-13 is not accidental. Peter Jackson's contract says
      >the movies as delivered to theaters can be no more "adult" than
      >PG-13. He is not, however, so constrained with the extended DVDs,
      >and I expect we may see some of his former skill as horror movie
      >director displayed on TTT's DVD.



      I'm not sure I understand--I was talking about the DVD (extended edition FotR). And, yes, that contract is exactly why the violence had been expected on it. Sorry if I wasn't clear on those points.

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